Ines Cho is a writer and creative director based in Seoul, South Korea.

-Business Strategic Consultation in the Fields of Fashion & Lifestyle Brands, Fine Jewelry, Hotel &  Real Estate Development

- Multimedia Art and Design Projects

- Owner and Brand Representative / Kimuse Revivals (www.kimuse.com


Her recent activities include:


- Writing on aesthetics and brand strategy

- Creative Director at Maximum Property located in Seoul

- Creative Director and Brand Strategist at Seoul Dragon City, Korea's largest hotel-plex
- Business Strategic Development as China-Korea Creative Director 
for The New York Times 

- Seoul Editor for Luxe City Guides based in Hong Kong since 2006

- Transcreator / Biography "And It Still Flows Towards Me: A Life Lived with Art by Ahn Young-il"
- Author / "A Certain Muse's Categories" (www.amazon.com)

- Feature Writer / Magazine HOLIDAY

Experiences include: 

- 2015-2016 Feature Writer / HEREN, Korea's premium membership magazine published and distributed by JoongAng Multimedia Network, South Korea's largest media network

2010-11 Creative Director / Casa del Agua by Legoretta + Legoretta / 1300 Seocho / Hotel & real estate development project in Seoul and Jeju Island 
2013 Creative Director / SEL, interior architecture company 
2010-2012 Creative Director / New Business Development 
Strategic Business Company, JoongAng Multimedia Network 

2011 Writer / F (premium women) Section, JoongAng Ilbo 
2007-2010 Creative Director / JoongAng Magazine & Books 
2000-2007 Writer and Desk Chief of Life & Style Desk / The
JoongAng Daily, the partner of the International New York Times / a founding member of Korea's first English culture newspaper 
in partnership with the New York Times in 2000
2002-2010 Strategic Committee Member / Korea Fashion Association 
2009 Director / Fashion Exchange Program and Global Fashion Forum for Spring/Summer 2008-9 Seoul Fashion Week 
2008 Director, Producer & MC / Fashionista In Paris Reality TV Show by Samsung TV for the OnStyle TV
1998 Concept Director / Doff Fashion Advertising Agency 
1997 Chief Editor / In Seoul Magazine (South Koreas first street magazine) 

Author of two fashion books: 
- Stylish Men, Successful Men (Sodam Publishing Co.) 
- Black and White (Samsung Publishing Co.) 

Fashion & Art Director 
Brand/Marketing Consultant 
TV Show Host 
Multimedia Installation Artist 
Author/ Columnist / Editor 

Awards & Competitions

- International creative director contest
- Reporter del Gusto Prize, Rome, Italy 
- JoongAng Daily-International Herald Tribune Writer Award 
- JoongAng Daily-International Herald Tribune Writer Award 
- Plaque of Appreciation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, South Korea 
- Essay Contest, British Embassy South Korea 
- Essay Contest, Seoul Metropolitan Government 

To request a portfolio, contact: ines.choux@gmail.com