Hot Spots

Banyan Botanicals
Top quality certified organic Ayureveda herbs and products with international shipping.
Casa del Agua, Jeju
CLOSED: The stunning architectural beauty by the Mexican architect Ricardo Legoretta due to open in 2010.
The award-winning party venue for New York City's house music.
Club Heaven
CLOSED: The uber-cool Web site for the latest club in Seoul.
CLOSED: The ultimate cool venue for all contemporary cultural events and exhibition, except this swank space, operated by Kumho Asiana Group, is available to high culture and style only.
Luxe City Guides
Cosmopolitan adventure in a city around the world is made simple and stylish by this compact guide compiled by the world's best editorial team who understands the meaning of luxury.
MUSEUM.beyondmuseum Project
Works by world-famous artists - Theo Jansen, Damien Hirst, Tezuka Osamu and more - are to be shown in Seoul from now until next year.
Platoon Kunsthalle
Established in Berlin in 2000, the experimental subculture and art project opened in Seoul in April, 2009. Constructed entirely of cargo containers and in conjuction with the artsy international community, the space regularly showcases underground-ish art works. On weekends and on special days, it offers various art- and fashion-related events including exhibitions, brand parties and flea market. Check out the event calendar.
Ra Beauty Core
Headed by the award-winning hair stylist Hyun Tae, this chain of beauty salons is the secret behind Korean beauty and super stars. Hand-picked as the No. 1 salon by L'Oreal Korea, the owner-stylist jets around his namesake stores in Korea and abroad (in the US and China coming soon) but remains loyal to his customers like ol' friends. Star-spotting is an exciting bonus here. Every month the latest look pops open on the Web.
If flying out to London's monumental Sketch restaurant is not in your current agenda, try visiting the virtual one. This highly imaginative and interactive creation keeps you thoroughly entertained and informed about the award-winning establishment led by Michelin-starred French chef Pierre Gagnaire. Tedious loading time is worth a wait to satisfy your visual, if not gustatory, appetite.

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