A chair designed to fit all
The five designers of Berlin-based Studio 7.5 developed the Mirra chairs for Herman Miller.

An East-West search for identity
Artist Nikki Lee returns to Korea to pursue her passion: filmmaking

Architect displays his taste in fine dining
"Restaurant design is about delicate refinement and personal dedication"

Architect molds ideas to fit a fluid society
The Aqua-Art Bridge serves as a gate to the Seoul Arts Center

Architect's new project is 'extention of street'
Insa-dong building brings visitors in close contacts with its shops

Cartier-Bresson lives on in Leica lovers
"Reportage is a communication between the world and the guy who's shooting"

Dancing the night away for a cause
American Women's Club raises 60 million won at a gala dinner

Displaying the history of Korean beauty
with interview with Coreana Cosmetics founder

Glass art's beauty made transparent
Kim Hyo-jung, the owner of Gallery Sklo, showcases Norwegian art

Korean style, Western comforts
Two-year restoration efforts reopens historical building in a U.S. envoy's home

Lexicon of love adapts to times
Korean dating terminology

Meal with too much bark seeks wine with nose
A taboo food gets high-end treatment

Meal with too much bark seeks wine with nose-2
A taboo food gets high-end treatment

Pusan Film Festival is a hot ticket
"The festival has become Asia's representative festival, but we've got to maintain that reputation"

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